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Following is a collection of information pages that have been written to help you better understand the FOXP1 Syndrome.  Following is a collection of information pages that have been written to help you better understand the FOXP1 Syndrome.  At this time a Natural History Study has not been completed to accurately measure, assess and publish standard milestones of development for those with FOXP1 Syndrome.   This information is a collection of parent observations and suggestions with some input from clinical practitioners.


FOXP1 Syndrome 

Utilizing the consensus term "FOXP1 Syndrome" will easily find information about FOXP1 syndrome, to understand what to expect as their family member develops and matures, and to find additional information and support. 


FOXP1 Fact Sheet    ​​

A summary of the FOXP1 gene, what causes the syndrome, the features of the syndrome, how common are the mutations, and what we can expect at the four major development stages of our children; infants, children, teenagers and adults. 


Financial Planning and Special Education

Mapping out your child's special education needs or financial future can seem daunting, but having a plan can help ease your fears.   This Resource Kit provides a list of resources in the United States, to help you plan and prepare for the future. Even though the resources are in the United States, there is still a need for everyone to plan and prepare for the future.  Contact other families in your country to find local resources and to understand your countries laws.  This resource kit includes information on the following topics:

  • Financial Planning

  • Legal Guardianship

  • Special Education Law/ Federal Laws

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Recommends Early Screening and Identification

Early identification and intervention for developmental disorders are critical to the well-being of children and are the responsibility of paediatric professionals as an integral function of the medical home.  These references provide direction for paediatricians to conduct genetic testing at an early age on children that present with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Glossary of Terms

Organizations that provide information on FOX1 Syndrome

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