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Rare Disease Day
29th February

Rare Disease Day is the globally coordinated movement on rare diseases, working towards equity in social opportunity, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and therapies for people living with a rare disease.  Since its creation in 2008, Rare Disease Day has played a critical part in building an international rare disease community that is multi-disease, global, and diverse– but united in purpose.

The International FOXP1 Foundation is working to encourage research to better understand how FOXP1 gene mutations affect the health and development of our children.  


Please Donate Today to support FOXP1 Research

Ways you can raise awareness and generate change for FOXP1 Syndrome and Rare Disease Day

200+ Strong for RareX 

Join the challenge to have RareX Data Collection

populated with more then 200 foxes' data by Feb 29th

  • 200+ foxes registered with RareX

  • 200+ genetic reports uploaded 

  • 200+ surveys answered

Have you completed your RareX registration and data entry?​

Enroll or Login here to make sure you help to reach our goal

~200+ entries will encourage researchers to study FOXP1

Everyone can participate in the Global Chain of Lights and Share Your Colours!

In an effort of global solidarity, you are invited to light or decorate your home with the Rare Disease Day colours at 7 PM your local time on 29 February 2024You can use garlands, social media filters, candles, disco lamps, colourful decorations… Let your creativity shine!

RDD Get creative picture_edited_edited.j

You could create your own window display with coloured lights, painted pictures, tissue paper colages or your drawings. However you like to get creative, share your colours! 

Light up for Rare

Write your city or town council and ask them to Shine the Lights for FOXP1 Syndrome on Rare Disease Day. 

  • Download an email template to send to your city council

  • Share which landmark will Light Up for Rare

Download multi media frames and filters here 

Be part of Rare Disease Day by sharing your story with others and sending a message of solidarity! link

Find an event near you. Check out all the events and activities happening around the world.  

~~ 100% of your donations will fund research on FOXP1 syndrome ~~

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