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Research Projects
Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in working with the International FOXP1 Foundation (IFF) to promote your research project! To help us evaluate your proposal, please complete the following form. We will provide a response to your primary contact within 2 weeks.   Please note "*" indicates a required field.

Research Projects Application to International FOXP1 Foundation 

1.     The IFF has an established data collection program (DCP; registry) with RARE-X. This program is collecting a wide range of background and longitudinal demographic, genetic, medical history, behavioral, cognitive, and other data about individuals with FOXP1 syndrome. We have established this DCP in order to facilitate research projects and reduce the burden on our members by providing researchers access to basic descriptive data that have been repeatedly requested from researchers in previous projects. We hope researchers will take advantage of this data in order to

(a) expand the volume of data for their research and

(b) simplify or eliminate basic questionnaires that may be part of the data scope of their projects.

1A. Have you worked with RARE-X in the past?
1B. If not, are you willing to do so?
1C. Does your Institution/Organization have an existing Data Protection Agreement with Global Genes/RARE-X ?

4.  Summary description of the study including the following:

Thanks for submitting your research project with the International FOXP1 Foundation.  We'll get back to you within the next few weeks.  If you have any questions please email

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