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Welcome to the International FOXP1 Community!

We are glad you have found our website, as we hope this information will help you gain an understanding of the FOXP1 Syndrome.  Most likely you have landed on this page because your child, or some one very dear to you has recently received the genetic tests results that they have FOXP1 syndrome.  This website is maintained by the International FOXP1 Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in the United States, operated 100% by volunteers, and is connected with FOXP1 families around the globe.  


As parents of children with FOXP1, we know the struggle to understand this condition,  especially when one first receives the diagnosis.   This page is a collection of quick links to information on this site that we think are the most important for families new to the FOXP1 community.   As you search for a better understanding, please remember that the first diagnosis of FOXP1 syndrome was only in 2011, so this rare genetic disorder is very new and is just beginning to be understood by the research and medical communities.  The Foundation's mission is to build a global community that empowers and supports families and individuals with FOXP1 syndrome by sharing knowledge, inspiring hope, encouraging research, and raising awareness.   We are always working to encourage more research around the globe.

What is FOXP1 Syndrome?



FOXP1 Characteristics

FOXP1 Treatments

Speech, language, and FOXP1 syndrome Fact Sheet     Link

by Dr Ruth Braden and Prof Angela Morgan, Translational Centre for Speech Disorders Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Victoria Australia

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