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The International FOXP1 Foundation has launched an ambassador program.  This is a group of parent volunteers from many different countries who are prepared to help other parents in their country find services and support for their FOXP1 child.  They will help you navigate your local support services, interpret the research papers or understand the translated information, while encouraging a FOXP1 community within your country.  


We all feel lost and uncertain of the future when we first receive this diagnosis.  We encourage parents to reach out to the ambassador of their country to talk about the diagnosis, ask questions about the services in your country, chat about therapy strategies, or meet up with others.   The value of developing a FOXP1 community within your country, will be unlimited.


You may be the only family diagnosed in your country, please don't feel alone.  The ambassador who speaks your language is there for you too.   As we develop the International FOXP1 Foundation Ambassador program, our international community will be even stronger. 

 Please reach out to your Ambassador by sending them an email with your name and phone number, and they will contact you within a few days.   

Australia                 email  Heather

Austria                     email  Christine

Belgium                  email Hilde

Brazil                        email Marjoli and Danielle


Canada                    email    Julie      

France                      email   Walter

Germany                 email   Timea      who also speaks  Romanian and Hungarian

Ireland                      email   Martina   who also speaks Slovak and Czech

Israel                         email   Roberta

The Netherlands     email   Esther and  Annemiek


Spain                          email   Elena and Lorenza

Switzerland               email   Manuel

United Kingdom      email   Anthony and Iryna

United States            email   Susan and Caroline           

If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer for your country, please email

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