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There are a small but growing number of groups dedicated to the FOXP1 syndrome. If you know of a group that should be included here, please let us know and we will be happy to add it here.



Friends and Family of FOXP1

Facebook group created in October 2016 focused on connecting FOXP1 families around the world. The page is quite active and members frequently post and answer each others' questions. 

FOXP1 France Logo

Association FOXP1 France


The French FOXP1 Association has both a website and a Facebook page.

FOXP1 Facebook German Logo

FOXP1 Kids und Familie


Facebook group for German speaking families


Stichting Kind Beter


Stichting Kind Beter was established in The Netherlands to raise funds for a large-scale study FOXP1 in children.

RareConnect FOXP1 Community


This is one of the earliest FOXP1 communities on the Internet. It does not have a very active message board but there are many posts with information. 

FOXP1: Simons Searchlight Community

This group is intended for individuals who are interested in FOXP1. Anyone interested in FOXP1, including families and researchers, are welcome to join this group.

Canadian FOXP1 Families


Facebook Group for Canadian families

FOXP1 Italia 


Facebook Group for Italian families

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