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Fox Friends: Meet Violet

Violet was born July of 2017. Other than a traumatic birth and initial slow weight gain, nothing was atypical about Violet until around 9 months old. She was not crawling or pulling to stand, and she could not get herself in or out of sitting. She began physical therapy at 10 months. By 12 months old she was referred for speech therapy and occupational therapy. She had very minimal receptive language, delayed fine motor, and problem-solving skills. After a normal microarray and MRI, her initial diagnoses were hypotonia and global developmental delay. In December of 2019, we learned that Violet has FOXP1 Syndrome, from a WES genetic test.

Now at 3 1/2 years old, Violet continues all three therapies and attends a special needs preschool, twice a week. She also attends a typical childcare center. While she is still refining many skills, she is not far behind her typically developing same-age peers. She first walked around 2 years old, and is now running, climbing, and jumping. Violet loves puzzles, babies, books, playing outside, and spending time with her family. She is the brightest light in the lives of all who know her.


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